Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Canvas Wall Flower Pattern

WOW!  What a gorgeous statement these make! 

So, after my pattern for the Wall Flowers was published and doing well, I did a bit of Brain-Storming with Nancy the owner of Snappy Quilts, and after bringing our ideas together I developed the Poinsettia Wall Flower Pattern.  The response from customers was so positive about the use of Cotton Silks for these flowers, that I had to create flowers in a bunch of colors....and boy, am I happy I did!  These turned out so pretty (just omitted the leaves).

You can now purchase this pattern and the Wall Flower Pattern (need this to complete these flowers) at  Just type in the search field "Wall Flowers" and the pattern for both should come up.

So, instead of going out to a field to pick can now, go to a fabric store and pick out a bunch of your favorite fabrics to create these lasting beauties!

Happy a happy August!

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